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53 area Human Performance Office
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Semper Fit Human Performance offers various assessments aiding athletes in improved performance, goal tracking, and proper fueling. Assessments include resting metabolic rate measurements (RMR), VO2 max assessment, skin-fold body fat measurement, blood pressure screening, and cholesterol screening (TC and HDL). Assessments and counseling (nutrition, fitness, tobacco, and sleep) is offered by appointment only. Contact the Human Performance team for more information.

Resting metabolic rate measurements are available at the following locations:

Must abstain from food and beverages, exercise, caffeine, supplements and tobacco 4-hours prior to measurement. Consuming water is acceptable and encouraged.

VO2 max assessments are available at the following locations:

Please avoid strenuous activity 1 day prior and leading up to measurement. Partaking in the assessment on a fast is not encouraged and could result in poor performance. Patrons will be required to complete a health risk assessment and informed consent prior to assessment.

Body fat measurements can be performed at any of the fitness centers. Body fat measurements are for personal interest only and will not override MCO taping standards. Please avoid exercise prior to measurement.

Blood pressure screening is available in the lobby of 62 area fitness center, 33 area fitness center, 62 area SMP, and 43 area fitness center.

Cholesterol screening is only available at Paige Field House Human Performance Office.

Additional Info

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) TestingVO2 Max Testing (Fitness Assessment)

Your “metabolism” is actually your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).

RMR is the average amount of calories you burn at rest on a daily basis. RMR is measured by a simple breathing test.

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Four hours prior to RMR testing avoid: caffeine, exercise, food and supplements,
Two hours prior to RMR testing avoid: tobacco products

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You work hard at staying in shape!
But what if your time and effort are not getting you the maximum results?

Professional athletes know that VO2 testing is the way to measure your cardio fitness and maximize your workout. Cost and complexity of this test has limited its availability to only the most elite athletes.


  • Peak oxygen consumption
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Threshold
  • Target Intensity Zones

With this test, you can train in your own personalized intensity zones and see results!

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