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Whether you're looking to repair, restore or soup up your auto, the Auto Skills Center offers everything you could possibly need. An extensive collection of tools, advanced machinery, battery chargers, a brake center, steam cleaners and electronic testing equipment. Plenty of space to work on vehicles. Knowledgeable Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanics available for advice and assistance. The center is staffed with experts who are available to provide advice, computer printouts, comprehensive repair manuals and direction on how to complete just about any repair job. Drop off your used anti-freeze motor oil, container and filters.

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Shop Fees per Vehicle

Lift/Hr Rate $6 per hour
Stall/Day $8
On Board Computer Check $30
Charging Test $5

Tire Mount $5 & up per tire
Tire Balance $7 & up per tire
Tire Repair $15 & up per tire
(prices vary on tire size)

Steam Cleaning ½ hour $10
Welding Patron  110V $15 per hour
Welding Patron  220V $30 per hour
Staff Performed Welding Service $30 per hour

Machine Shop Services

Brake Drum Resurface $11 ea.
Brake Rotor Resurface $11 ea.
Press Work/Per Hour $25
Service Struts/Each $15
Daily Bench Use/Storage $4 per day
Exhaust pipe fabrication based on amount of bends

Stall issue and shop provided services (Machine Shop and Tire Services)
secure 1 Hour prior to the posted closing