• Most MCCS visitors will be required to go to the Visitors Center at the Main Gate to obtain a visitor’s pass.

• DoD issued ID card holders will automatically be enrolled in DBIDS after their first ID scan upon entering Camp Pendleton.

• Previously issued access credentials (i.e. RAPIDGate, Drivers License) will no longer be valid for access after Sept. 30, 2018.

By requesting base access, you are agreeing to a background check and having your photo and fingerprint taken. Not all requests will be granted. Criminal activity will revoke base access, even after access has been granted.

This new system focuses on access control procedures to ensure the protection of Active Duty personnel, residents, and civilian employees. These policies are intended to help Marines accomplish their mission and keep families aboard Camp Pendleton safe while allowing access to authorized personnel, contractor & vendors, and sponsored visitors.

You must stop at the Visitors Center Building at the Main Gate before you attempt to access base if:

  • Your sponsor is not with you or can’t meet you to escort you through the gate
  • You are attending a special event on base
  • You are visiting one of the following recreational facility that are open to the public: Leatherneck Lanes Bowling Center, Marine Memorial Golf Course, Pacific View Event Center, Paintball Park and Stepp Stables
  • You do not have a Valid: Military ID, CAC card or a Retiree ID (Veterans ID cards should not be used as a replacement for Retiree ID card or any other required official government ID)

You can go directly to a gate’s security checkpoint at a gate if you have a valid:

  • Military ID, Retiree ID, CAC card 
  • You are accompanied by your Sponsor
  • Have been issued a MCCS Recreation Visitors pass

What to do before you go to the Visitors Center:

  • Find out from the recreational facility or sponsor if you can if you qualify for a long term visitor pass
  • Bring valid identification
  • Check the Visitors Center hours, and plan ahead for the extra time to check in

One-time visit and longer-term access is available for all MCCS facilities that are open to the public.

Leatherneck Lanes

      • DBIDS visitor credentials will ONLY be processed at the Visitor Center off the Main Gate, Bldg 20255T
      • Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 3:30pm
      • If your reservation for One-Time access is before 8:00am or on the weekend plan to go to the Visitors Center before the day of your reserved activity to avoid delays or access issues.
      • For Long-Term Base Access requests please allow 5 business days for processing before going to the Visitors Center.


Step 1 – bring your recreational reservation information and your valid government issued identification into the Visitor Center off the Main Gate, Bldg 20255T during operating hours

Step 2 – Complete all steps as required (background check, photograph, fingerprints, etc.) at the Visitor Center


Step 1 – Request sponsorship by filling out the form below, include the duration of access 

Step 2 – Bring approved identification to the Visitor Center off the Main Gate, Bldg 20255T during operating hours.

Step 3 – Complete all steps as required (background check, photograph, fingerprints, etc.) IN PERSON at the Visitor Center.


  • DBIDS or Defense Biometric Identification System is a fully integrated identity management and force protection access control system.
  • Unescorted visitors are required to obtain a DBIDS credential/pass in person at the Visitor Center in order to gain authorized access to Camp Pendleton.
  • Contactors & vendors are also required to obtain a DBIDS credential/pass in person at the Base Access Control Center in order to gain authorized access to Camp Pendleton.

What is DBIDS?

The Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) is a Department of Defense identity authentication and force protection tool that is fully operational in military locations around the world. DBIDS is currently active on select installations throughout the United States, and will be integrated to Marine Corps installations July 9, 2018. 

The Camp Pendleton Visitor Center is located in Bldg. 20255T, adjacent to the Main Gate near Interstate 5. (See Map) The Center is intended to process visitors who have been pre-sponsored by base personnel.  Those visitors who have not been pre-sponsored should expect long delays or should arrange to have their sponsor meet them at the gate.

Business hours are:

Mon, Tue, Thur, & Fri
7:30am – 3:30pm 

7:45am – 3:30pm

Phone: (760) 763-8435

For Contractors & Vendors

Base Access Control is intended to process contractors & vendors who conduct official business aboard Camp Pendleton. The center is located in Bldg. 41501T adjacent to the Las Pulgas gate. (I-5 at Las Pulgas Exit) (See Map)

Business Hours: 

Mon-Thur. (Closed Fridays)
6am – 4pm

Phone: (760) 763-7604/7605

Active Duty and MCCS Employees Sponsorship Roster

  • Download Sponsorship Roster
  • Complete the roster, digitally sign it with your CAC and submit the roster from an approved domain (.mil/.gov) at least four (4) business days (Mon-Fri) in advance to:
  • Ask your visitors to pre-enroll in DBIDS. Note: To complete pre-enrollment, visitors must know the name, telephone number and email address of their sponsor.
  • Direct your visitors to report to the Camp Pendleton Visitor Center (Bldg 20255T) to obtain DBIDS pass/credential. Visitors processed at the Visitor Center will have their identity proofed, be subject to a criminal history check, they will be photographed and fingerprinted.  Visitors who are driving are required to show a valid driver’s license, state registration, and proof of insurance.  Wait times may be significant.
  • Sponsors can avoid the Visitor Center process entirely by meeting their visitor at the gate and escorting them in person.
MCCS Camp Pendleton