CREDO at Camp Pendleton is a highly effective retreat program supporting Marine Corps readiness, retention, recruiting and quality of life priorities. The retreats provide participants the opportunity to develop new perspectives about relationships with family and friends, the military and spiritual traditions.

CREDO is open to members of the armed forces on active duty and their immediate family members, and members of reserve components in an active status and their immediate family members.


Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER)

Provides couples with the opportunity to explore ways to keep their marital relationship healthy while dealing with conflicts that may arise. This experience enables participants to explore the emotional, physical, and spiritual components of their marriage and to grow closer as couples.

Marriage Enrichment Retreat Application V1
Marriage Enrichment Retreat Application V2

Personal Growth Retreat (PGR)

Provides participants with opportunities to focus on accepting reality and taking personal responsibility for their lives. Develops new perspectives in their relationships with others and the broader world in which they live, and explores the basis of their inner spiritual resources.

Family Retreat

Designed for parents and children to encourage the development of healthy families based on the “Survival Skills for Healthy Families” model. Families will learn specific skills to enhance family cohesion, resolve conflict and build upon the strengths in their family.

Spiritual Growth Retreat (SGR)

Assists participants in the pursuit of a more meaningful spirituality. Focus is placed on gaining and expanding spiritual resources to better meet the daily demands of life

Warrior Resiliency Retreats (WRR)

Courses designed to reduce stress associated with combat settings and arduous deployments. CREDO, in conjunction with commanders and unit chaplains, will deliver tailored programs to address:

  • Combat Operational Stress Control (COSC)
  • Pre and post deployment training
  • Personal growth and resiliency training to enhance military readiness and unit cohesion

Warrior Reintegration

Chaplains guide active duty personnel in their transition from operational experiences and deployment to peacetime reintegration.


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