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CREDO is a Chief of Navy Chaplains sponsored relationship enrichment program established in 1971 to help improve job performance and enhance quality of life. CREDO MCI-West partners with MCFTB to provide various services and training events to help service members and their families.

CREDO MCI-West provides high quality retreats promoting professional, personal, relational and spiritual growth. Participants consistently report a more positive outlook on life, relationships, and their spirituality after attending a retreat. CREDO MCI-West offers a variety of retreat formats. All programs and events are available to service members free of charge.



– ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
– Marriage Enrichment Retreat: PREP 8.0
– Marriage Enrichment Retreat: PAIRS Essentials
– Marriage Enrichment Retreat: Marriage by the Numbers
– Marriage Enrichment Retreat: Not Wrong, Just Different
– Family Enrichment Retreat
– Personal Resiliency Retreat
– Halftime Resiliency Retreat: Success to Significance

Unit Marine and Sailor Retreat (UMSR)

We recognize that every military man and woman is a leader. This retreat will sharpen those essential skills. The retreat is also designed to strengthen character, promote spiritual and personal growth, and will emphasize the importance of ethics and morality in our daily decision making using core values.

Family Retreat

Come and make the best investment for your family’s future. Build upon your core strengths and learn indispensable tools to resolve family conflict, to support and empower your family, and strengthen relationships with your children.

Military Resiliency Retreat

Do you feel depleted and drained? This program is designed to reduce stress associated with life in the military. Immerse yourself in a healthy you! Build camaraderie and confide in one another. Form a self-care tool box to deal with all the curve balls that life may throw at you.

Men’s Retreat

Regardless of your experience, the past can be a hidden treasure to success. Claim the present! Conquer the future! The future is determined by making sense of the past, and having a clear vision of the future.

Warrior Reintegration

Chaplains guide active duty personnel in their transition from operational and deployment experiences to peacetime reintegration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrictions on who can attend a CREDO Marriage Enrichment Retreat?

Yes — at least one of the participants must be on Active Duty or a Reservist (activated status); couples must be legally married.

There are TWO VERSIONS of applications: Version 1 and Version 2. What’s the difference?

Chaplains leading a Version 1 retreat view marriage in a traditional sense – between a man and woman.

Chaplains leading Version 2 retreats view marriage as between opposite -sex couples or same sex couples.

How will I know which retreat I am signing up for?

CREDO MCI-West publishes the retreat version on advertisements (including this e-flyer package).

What if a same-sex couple wants to attend a Version 1 retreat?

Yes, with full-disclosure the facilitating chaplain views marriage between a man and woman.

If a same-sex couple attends a Version 1 retreat, will the entire retreat change?

No. The presence or absence of a same-sex couple does not determines which retreat version is being conducted.

What happens if a Version 2 retreat facilitator is unavailable for the retreat?

CREDO MCI-West will work to ensure a facilitator is made available. Application deadlines are a critical factor in determining rosters, which in turn, impact facilitation issues.

What if a Version 2 retreat is advertised, but no same-sex couples sign up?

The scheduled adjunct Chaplain may still facilitate the retreat, being mindful of his or her audience.

Is there a difference in the curriculum, resources and tools taught in Version 1 / Version 2 retreats?

Currently, there are virtually no differences in the curriculum, resources and tools taught in both retreat versions.

Are the retreat schedules for both versions the same?

The biggest impact on retreat schedules is made by the facilitating Chaplain.

Can couples withdraw their applications for Version 1 and Version 2 issues/dynamics?


How will I know I’ve been selected for a retreat?

Each participant will receive a confirmation email.

If I’m not selected for a retreat, can I get on a waiting list?

After retreat quotas are met, remaining applicants will placed on wait-list status and receive an email update.

Is it mandatory to file Defense Travel System (DTS) orders?

No. DTS orders are not required.

Will I receive my own room?

Yes. Each couple will receive their own room.

Will it cost me anything to attend a retreat?

All CREDO retreats are fully funded and provided at no cost to participants.

What does “fully funded” mean?

Retreats include lodging, meals, parking, internet, and materials.

What about incidentals and room service?

Participants are responsible for their own incidentals (room service, VOD, spa fees, or any other additional fees).

What is the dress code?

Appropriate Civilian attire – Casual.

May I bring pets along with me?

No. Please note: Service dogs are allowed.

Will the retreat site provide a menu to meet specific dietary needs?


How long is a Retreat?

Most CREDO retreat models are based on a 3-day / 2-night concept.

What time is check-in on Day One?

Check-in typically occurs at 3:00 PM. CREDO encourages ALL participants to check-in BY 3:00 PM! 

Why should I check-in by 3:00 PM?

Your retreat experience will be significantly enhanced.

What if I can’t check-in by 3:00 PM? Can I still come?

Yes. Please contact CREDO staff to coordinate your arrival time. However, please be advised, ALL sessions begin between 5:00-5:30 PM.

Will I receive a retreat schedule?

Participants receive schedules on the first day of the retreat.

What type of training will be offered at the retreat?

CREDO offers elements of MBTI, DiSC, PAIRS, PREP, the Five Love Languages and other Marriage Enrichment concepts.

What time will the retreat conclude?

Retreats conclude by NOON on Day 3.

Will there be breaks and free-time?


What will happen if I need to leave early?

Early departure from a retreat must be coordinated with CREDO staff.

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