CREDO is a Chief of Navy Chaplains sponsored relationship enrichment program established in 1971 to help improve job performance and enhance quality of life. CREDO MCI-West partners with MCFTB to provide various services and training events to help service members and their families.

CREDO MCI-West provides high quality retreats promoting professional, personal, relational and spiritual growth. Participants consistently report a more positive outlook on life, relationships, and their spirituality after attending a retreat. CREDO MCI-West offers a variety of retreat formats. All programs and events are available to service members free of charge.


Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER)

Invest in your marriage! Couples re-discover the foundations of their relationship, develop new skills and learn from other couples. MER’s are held at various hotels and resorts throughout Southern California.

Unit Marine and Sailor Retreat (UMSR)

We recognize that every military man and woman is a leader. This retreat will sharpen those essential skills. The retreat is also designed to strengthen character, promote spiritual and personal growth, and will emphasize the importance of ethics and morality in our daily decision making using core values.

Family Retreat

Come and make the best investment for your family’s future. Build upon your core strengths and learn indispensable tools to resolve family conflict, to support and empower your family, and strengthen relationships with your children.

Military Resiliency Retreat

Do you feel depleted and drained? This program is designed to reduce stress associated with life in the military. Immerse yourself in a healthy you! Build camaraderie and confide in one another. Form a self-care tool box to deal with all the curve balls that life may throw at you.

Men’s Retreat

Regardless of your experience, the past can be a hidden treasure to success. Claim the present! Conquer the future! The future is determined by making sense of the past, and having a clear vision of the future.

Warrior Reintegration

Chaplains guide active duty personnel in their transition from operational and deployment experiences to peacetime reintegration.


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