The Camp Pendleton Fitness Department is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles to authorized patrons aboard the base. The professionally trained staff provides a wide variety of programs and services. The Semper Fit Paige Fieldhouse is one of the largest in the Marine Corps. There are 13 fitness centers on base, each offering it’s own program and targeting specific needs.

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Please check with your local facility for holiday hours.

ATTENTION PATRONS: the 21 Area Fitness Center will begin renovations on 12/4/17. This will result in limited services; no locker room access to include showers and restrooms (portable toilets will be available) We apologize for the inconvenience

Paige Fieldhouse (Mainside)

Bldg 1110


(760) 725-6394

14 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 14013


Massage Therapy Available
Closed Thu 7:45am-9:45am
(760) 725-5941

Bldg 210750


Weight & Cardio Room is open to Active Duty only from 11am-1pm, Mon-Thu
(760) 421-4938

To help accommodate patron needs the 22 area fitness center will be accessible after hours.


Registration is required to access the facility

22 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 22160


Massage Therapy Available
(760) 725-3163

23 Area Fitness Center (MCAS)

Bldg 2369


(760) 763-1353

31 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 31601


(760) 725-2678

33 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 330362


(760) 725-8737

41 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 4159


(760) 725-2033

43 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 430320


(760) 725-3468

52 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 520415


(760) 725-7262

53 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 530301


(760) 725-7075

62 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 620411


(760) 725-7421

O’Neill Fitness Center

Bldg H-94


Massage Therapy Available
(760) 725-1366

Semper Fit HQMC Training Course focusing on the High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) Program. This course includes hands-on training for TRX suspension training, Olympic lifting, kettlebells, dynamic movements and more. This is a five-day course from 0800-1600 each day. A HITT Certificate is given to all participants upon completing the course.

HITT Downloads

HITT Methodology
HITT Performance Assessment Procedures
HITT Exercise Library

HITT Workouts

Warrior HITT
Athlete HITT
Combat HITT
Reload HITT
Company HITT


Massage Therapy

Methods include: Swedish, Passive Joint, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Shiatsu. Hot Stone available for an additional fee. Available at 14, 22, and O’Neill Fitness Centers, and the 21 Area SMP Recreation Center. Flier: Download Here. Info: (760) 763-4070. For Del Mar Beach Resort: (760) 763-5651.


Click on any of the drop downs below for class details and dates.

Group Exercise (GroupX)

A variety of classes are available at several of our fitness facilities. Classes include Forever Fit, Zumba and Yoga. Class fees are $3 per class for family members, retirees and DoD patrons, guests are $5 per class and Active Duty patrons are free. Monthly passes are also available.

Special classes such as Martial Arts training from experienced Black Belt instructors are also available at additional fees. For more information download the schedule or call (760) 763-4070.

High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT)

Fitness - HITT - Logo

Semper Fit HQMC Training Course focusing on the High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) Program. This course includes hands-on training for TRX suspension training, Olympic lifting, kettlebells, dynamic movements and more. This is a five-day course from 0800-1600 each day. A HITT Certificate is given to all participants upon completing the course.

Bikram Yoga & Inferno Hot Pilates Classes

Bikram yoga
A powerful form of yoga which is guaranteed to challenge even the strongest & toughest athlete. Requiring extreme discipline and focus, this tough class will work every muscle in the body, building flexibility, endurance and strength. Excellent for healing back problems, shoulders and knees. Famous athletes including professional boxers, footballers and tennis players swear by this yoga!

Inferno Hot Pilates
An extremely challenging HIIT workout that focuses on core muscles. Low impact, high intensity class to energetic music. Designed by a professional body builder, this workout is taking the world by storm! This class gives fast results and increases core strength. Proven to enhance your performance in any sport you do – from weightlifting to golf to surfing!

Click here to view class Schedule

Nutrition 101

A FREE 1 hour class to help weight loss and learn to eat healthy. This is a great class if you need to lose weight, you’re on the BCP program or just want to learn how to eat healthy. Seating is limited – first come first serve.

Download Nutrition 101 Flier

2017 Classes (Paige Fieldhouse):
Jan 4, Feb 1, Mar 1, Apr 5, May 3, Jun 7, Jul 5, Aug 2, Sep 6, Oct 4, Nov 1, Dec 6

Nutrition & Fitness for BCP

One-Day course focusing on the fundamentals of eating and training to lose weight. Participants will learn how to help their BCP Marines with planning their diet and exercise program for life-long weight loss. Topics will include nutrient needs, healthy weight loss, fitness for weight loss, exercise and diet myths, supplements, and practical sessions. A certificate of completion will be given to all participants. Active Duty only.

Call for BCP class registration (760) 725-6288

2017 Classes (Paige Fieldhouse):
Jan 11, Mar 15, May 17, Jul 19, Sep 20, Nov 8

Download Flier

Tobacco Cessation Classes

These classes provide the tools for quitting and remain smoke-free.  Available to active duty personnel, family members, retirees & MCCS employees. For more information, contact Semper Fit Health Promotion. For information on quitting, visit

First Wednesday of every month at 1200, Paige Fieldhouse Bldg 1110.

Group Exercise Class Pricing

  • Active Duty: Free
  • DoD/Retirees/Family Member: $3/Class
  • Guests: $5/Class (Must be accompanied by an authorized patron)
  • Monthly Pass: $25/Month (Unlimited classes at any Fitness Center)

If you have any questions please call Fitness Programs at (760) 763-4070/0657.

14 Area Fitness Center

21 Area Fitness Center

22 Area Fitness Center

33 Area Fitness Center

O’Neill Area Fitness Center

Paige Fieldhouse

Looking for training information on combat conditioning and readiness?

There are several programs and resources to assist active duty personnel, and/or their unit to physically prepare for these requirements at Camp Pendleton, including unit specialized combat training classes.

For more information, visit the TECOM website.

The site has interactive tools and information necessary to assist with combat readiness requirements.

Combat Training Resources

MCO 6100.13 (1.8mb)
MCO 6110.3 (1.9mb)
MARADMIN 0503/09 (45k)
CFT Supply Kit (49k)

Semper Fit Fitness Department HQ

Bldg 1253 – View Map

Mainside (Semper Fit HQ)

Fitness Facilities Supervisor
(760) 725-6267

Fitness Programs Supervisor
(760) 763-0657

Group Exercise & Massage Therapy
(760) 763-4070

MCCS Camp Pendleton