Nestled amongst the rolling foothills and mature trees of Windmill Canyon, the Marine Memorial Golf Course is ranked the number one military golf course in California. Designed by visionary golf course architect William P. “Billy” Bell, the course has been praised for its bunker shaping, ingenuity and innovations in golf course construction. The Marine Memorial Golf Course is Bell’s finest 18-hole PGA championship course which is a challenge for the seasoned golfer, yet playable for the novice. Enjoy the Marine Corps heritage of this legendary course and play for the history, the heroes and the tradition.

6,865 yards from the Tips
18 Hole – Par 72
Sand Bunkers
Practice Putting Green
Chipping Areas
Non-Metal Spike Course
Natural Grass Driving Range
  • Private Lessons
  • Junior Golf
  • Summer Golf Schools
  • Skills Challenges
  • Free Clinics
  • Couples Lessons on Course Playing
  • All classes are given by PGA Professionals and Apprentices

Green Fees – 18 Holes



  • E1–E5 (Active) $14 / $15
  • E6–O3 (Active) $22 / $23
  • O4–O10 (Active) $24 / $25
  • All Retired Military $24 / $25
  • DoD $26 / $32
  • Civilian $30 / $35
  • Junior (9-17) 50% of Sponsor


$5 Per Person
Unit PT and Special Groups Available
Call (760) 763-7869/725-GOLF or See the Pro Shop for Info

Twilight Fees


Twilight / Super Twilight

  • E1–E5 (Active) $12 / $7
  • E6–O3 (Active) $17 / $11
  • O4–O10 (Active) $18 / $12
  • All Retired Military $18 / $14
  • DoD $20 / $16
  • Civilian $22 / $20
  • Junior (9-17) 50% of Sponsor

Summer – Active Duty 1:30pm | All Others 2:30pm
Winter – Active Duty 11:30am | All Others 12:30pm

Summer – Active Duty 2:30pm  |  All Others 3:30pm
Winter – Active Duty 1:30pm  |  All Others 2:30pm

Cart Fees

  • 18-Hole Single-Rider $18
  • 18-Hole Two-Rider $15/person
  • 9-Hole Single-Rider $10
  • 9-Hole Two-Rider $8/person

Other Fees

  • Pull Carts $4
  • Rental Clubs, Standard $10/set
  • Rental Clubs, VIP $40/set
  • Range Tokens (20 Balls) $2

The Pro Shop offers a wide variety of equipment and fashionable golf apparel at affordable pricing. Services include professional club fittings and special orders. Remember: NO SALES TAX at Marine Memorial Golf Course!


Customized packages are available with an array of catering options to meet any budget. A Tournament Representative assists in coordinating every aspect of the event. Contact the Tournament Coordinator for more information or call (760) 763-7869.


Mon/Tue 6:30am–5pm
Wed–Sun 6am–3pm

*Serving bar food in Eagles Landing till 5pm
Breakfast & lunch served daily. Hours do not change for tournaments.
(760) 725-5331


The Tern

Fri–Sun 9am–4pm
Mon–Thu Closed

(760) 725-5331


Eagle’s Landing

Wed–Sun 12pm–7pm
Mon/Tue Closed

(760) 725-4390 (Catering)

FootGolf Available at Marine Memorial Golf Course

  • Soccer and Golf unite
  • Fun for every age group
  • Play by kicking a soccer ball on the Leatherneck 9
  • Kick the ball into an oversized hole in the fewest amount of kicks

$5 Per Person  |  $5 Ball Rental   |  Unit PT and Special Groups Available
Call (760) 763-7869/725-GOLF or See the Pro Shop for Info


  1. Your ball must be easy to identify.
  2. Kick off your ball from the position up to two ball lengths behind and in between the markers.
  3. The ball must be played as a single movement. You are not allowed to push the ball with the top or bottom of your foot. Your foot should be set separate from the ball, clearly behind, before each kick.
  4. Play the ball where it lies: You are not allowed to move the ball or remove jammed objects. EXCEPTION: You may mark the spot and lift the ball when it may obstruct the other player’s kick or ball in any way.
  5. The player farthest from the hole is first to kick the ball.
  6. If ball comes to rest on a putting green, the player must drop their ball off and adjacent to the putting green, no nearer to the FootGolf hole (no penalty).
  7. The order of play is established based on score of the previous hole. The player with the best score will kick off first on the next hole followed by second, etc.
  8. Wear appropriate clothing (follow Base Dress Code). No soccer cleats, (indoor soccer shoes are acceptable).
  9. Have fun!

Marine Memorial Golf Course

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Daily 6:30am–4pm


Daily 6am–6pm

(760) 725-GOLF (4653)
Tournaments (760) 763-7869

MCCS Camp Pendleton