Your Plan For Success

This sales and marketing opportunities plan is your one-stop tool for 2016 MCCS events and promotional activities.

Inside you’ll find an overview of your target market, cross-promotional opportunities and new trends to help you capture your share of the Camp Pendleton industry.

The MCCS Branding and Resource Guide is a supplement derived from the annual Marketing Plan. These guidelines will help identify promotional strategies necessary to successfully plan and execute programs and events that are impactful, measurable and reach specific target audiences.

Customer Knowledge is Corps to Our Organization’s Success!

Marketing Plan Objectives

  • Highlight the most recent trends in the marketing & business environment
  • Emphasize the importance of teamwork between marketing and other functions of MCCS
  • Introduce and integrate new perspectives in successful strategic marketing planning
  • Describe new developments in marketing planning, organization, implementation and control
  • Strategize and develop promotional opportunities with MCI West

MCCS Marketing Division

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Mainside Center


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