The following are hours of operation for MCCS facilities over the Martin Luther King Jr Birthday holiday.


12-Jan        0400-1800          Paige Fieldhouse
12-Jan        0500-1630          14 Area Fitness Center
12-Jan        CLOSED               O'Neill Fitness Center
12-Jan        0800-1600          52 Area Fitness Center
12-Jan        0530-1900          53 Area Fitness Center

13-Jan       CLOSED                Barbershop - Margarita, Las Flores,
                                                Horno, San Mateo, and Pico 
13-Jan       0800-1600           Black Coffee - SOI
13-Jan       0600-1700           Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 
13-Jan       0700-0300           Domino's - Mainside and SOI
13-Jan       0900-0200           Domino's - Pacific Plaza
13-Jan       1000-1400           Dry Cleaners 
13-Jan       0900-1900           Johnny Rockets
13-Jan       1000-2000           Panda Express - Mainside
13-Jan       1000-1700           Schlotzsky's
13-Jan       1000-1400           Self-Storage
13-Jan       1000-2100           Subway - Del Mar
13-Jan       1000-2200           Subway - Mainside
13-Jan       CLOSED                Subway - Las Flores and Horno
13-Jan       1000-1600           Subway - San Mateo
13-Jan       1100-2200           Yogurtland 
13-Jan       CLOSED                O'Neill Fitness Center
13-Jan       1000-1500           53 Area Fitness Center

14-Jan       CLOSED                Auto Skills Center and Retail Store 
14-Jan       0800-1600           Black Coffee - SOI
14-Jan       0600-1700           Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 
14-Jan       0700-0200           Domino's - Mainside
14-Jan       0900-0000           Domino's - Pacific Plaza
14-Jan       0900-1900           Johnny Rockets
14-Jan       CLOSED                Onyx Beauty Salon 
14-Jan       1000-2000           Panda Express - Mainside
14-Jan       1000-1500           Pendleton Florist
14-Jan       1000-1500           Schlotzsky's 
14-Jan       0530-1330           Starbucks Coffee
14-Jan       CLOSED                Stepp Stables 
14-Jan       1000-2100           Subway - Del Mar
14-Jan       CLOSED                Subway - Las Flores and Horno
14-Jan       1000-2200           Subway - Mainside
14-Jan       1000-1600           Subway - San Mateo
14-Jan       1100-2100           Yogurtland 
14-Jan       CLOSED                O'Neill Fitness Center
14-Jan       1000-1500           53 Area Fitness Center

15-Jan       CLOSED                Headquarters Division
15-Jan       CLOSED                Barbershop - Air Station, SOI 1, and 32 Area
15-Jan       1000-1800           Barbershop - Margarita, Las Flores, 
                                                Las Pulgas, Horno, San Mateo, and Pico
15-Jan       1000-1900           Barbershop - Mainside, Chappo, Del Mar, and
                                                SOI 2
15-Jan       0800-1400           Beach Services at La Casa Del Mar 
15-Jan       CLOSED                Black Coffee - All Locations
15-Jan       0600-1700           Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 
15-Jan       CLOSED                Devil Dog Grill
15-Jan       0700-0200           Domino's - Mainside
15-Jan       0900-0000           Domino's - Pacific Plaza
15-Jan       0800-0100           Domino's - SOI
15-Jan       CLOSED                Enterprise Rent-A-Car
15-Jan       CLOSED                Finest City Auto Registration 
15-Jan       CLOSED                Food, Leisure, Hospitality and Services
15-Jan       1000-2000           Hibachi-San 
15-Jan       CLOSED                ITT - Mainside and SOI 
15-Jan       0830-1300           ITT - Pacific Plaza 
15-Jan       0900-1900           Johnny Rockets
15-Jan       CLOSED                Latitudes Travel 
15-Jan       1200-1900           Leatherneck Lanes
15-Jan       1100-2000          Moe's Southwest Grill
15-Jan       CLOSED                Onyx Beauty Salon
15-Jan       CLOSED                Pacific Views Event Center 
15-Jan       1000-2000           Panda Express - Mainside
15-Jan       CLOSED                Pendleton Family Dental - All locations
15-Jan       0900-1700           Pendleton Florist
15-Jan       CLOSED                ProCustom 
15-Jan       CLOSED                Pub 1795
15-Jan       CLOSED                Ramones - All Locations 
15-Jan       CLOSED                Recreation Equipment Checkout - All
15-Jan       CLOSED                Robertos 
15-Jan       CLOSED                Self-Storage
15-Jan       1000-1700           Schlotzsky's 
15-Jan       CLOSED                Scuba Center
15-Jan       0900-1800           Shake Smart 
15-Jan       0530-1330           Starbucks Coffee 
15-Jan       1000-2000           Subway - Del Mar
15-Jan       1000-2000           Subway - Mainside
15-Jan       CLOSED                Subway - Las Flores, Horno, and San Mateo
15-Jan       1000-1500           Tailor Shop - PVMCX
15-Jan       CLOSED                Tailor Shop - SOI 
15-Jan       1200-1800           The Grill at Leatherneck Lanes
15-Jan       0900-1400           The Vision Center 
15-Jan       CLOSED                Vending Services 
15-Jan       1000-2000           Wendy's 
15-Jan       1100-2100           Yogurtland 
15-Jan       CLOSED                Financial Management Division
15-Jan       CLOSED                Human Resources Division
15-Jan       CLOSED                Logistics Division
15-Jan       CLOSED                Family Child Care
15-Jan       CLOSED                Resource & Referral
15-Jan       CLOSED                Exceptional Family Member Program 
15-Jan       CLOSED                All Child Development Centers 
15-Jan       CLOSED                All School Age Care Programs
15-Jan       CLOSED                All Youth Programs 
15-Jan       CLOSED                All Libraries
15-Jan       CLOSED                All Transition Readiness Services
15-Jan       CLOSED                Personal and Professional Development
15-Jan       CLOSED                Career and Professional Resources
15-Jan       CLOSED                Education Center - Mainside and SOI
15-Jan       CLOSED                Family Readiness Branch
15-Jan       CLOSED                Behavioral Health Program
15-Jan       CLOSED                Family Advocacy Program - Mainside and
15-Jan       CLOSED                New Parent Support Program
15-Jan       CLOSED                Sexual Assault Prevention & Response
15-Jan       CLOSED                Community Counseling Center - Mainside
                                                and North
15-Jan       CLOSED                Substance Abuse Counseling Center and LAB
15-Jan       CLOSED                Marine and Family Programs Headquarters
15-Jan       CLOSED                Marketing Division
15-Jan       CLOSED                Procurement Bldg. 1377 and Receiving
15-Jan       CLOSED                Review and Analysis Division
15-Jan       0800-2000           Mainside Marine Mart 
15-Jan       1000-1800           San Onofre MCX
15-Jan       0800-2100           Pacific Views MCX
15-Jan       0900-1600           51 Area Gas Station and Convenience Store 
15-Jan       0900-1700           13, 20 and 21 Area Gas Stations and
                                                Convenience Stores*
15-Jan       1000-1600           33 Area Gas Station 
15-Jan       CLOSED                22, 43, and 62 Area Gas Stations and
                                                Convenience Stores*
15-Jan       CLOSED                Retail Office
15-Jan       0830-1700           Retail Warehouse and Will Call
15-Jan       1000-1800           The Vineyard
15-Jan       CLOSED                Deluz, Edson Range, Hilltop, Talega,
                                                MCAS, and Naval Hospital Marine Marts
15-Jan       0900-2000           Pacific Plaza Bev Marine Mart
15-Jan       1100-1700           Pacific Plaza Appliances
15-Jan       0800-2200           Wire Mountain Marine Mart
15-Jan       0830-1700           Del Mar Marine Mart
15-Jan       1000-1800           Chappo Marine Mart
15-Jan       1000-1900           Pico Marine Mart
15-Jan       0800-2100           Stuart Mesa Marine Mart
15-Jan       1000-1700           Las Flores, Las Pulgas, Margarita, Horno,
                                                and San Mateo Marine Marts
15-Jan       0700-1800           52 Military Clothing
15-Jan       0600-2100           SOI Marine Mart
15-Jan       CLOSED                Semper Fit Division Headquarters 
15-Jan       0600-1800           Paige Fieldhouse
15-Jan       CLOSED                14, 31, 43, and 52 Area Fitness Centers
15-Jan       CLOSED                O'Neill and MCAS Fitness Centers
15-Jan       0800-1800           21 Area Fitness Center
15-Jan       0900-1700           22 Area Fitness Center
15-Jan       1000-1600           33 Area Fitness Center
15-Jan       0800-1800           41 Area Fitness Center
15-Jan       1000-1500           53 Area Fitness Center
15-Jan       0900-1600           62 Area Fitness Center
15-Jan       CLOSED                13 Area Pool
15-Jan       CLOSED                Youth Sports
15-Jan       1000-1800           21, 22, 33, 41, 43, 53, and 62 Area SMP
                                                Recreation Centers
15-Jan       1100-1900           24 Area Landing Zone

16-Jan       0600-1900           Barbershop - Mainside
16-Jan       0600-2000           Barbershop - PVMCX

*Credit/Debit Cards only after normal closing hours. Gasoline pumps are open 24 hours a day.

MCCS Camp Pendleton