MCB Camp Pendleton 24/7 Sexual Assault Support Line
(760) 500-1707

This program serves as the focal point for coordinating all sexual assault prevention and response actions on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. The SAPR Program’s mission is two-fold: to address the needs of military members that have been victims of sexual assault and to proactively provide relevant, interactive training on a regular, continuous basis to all Marines and Sailors aboard MCB Camp Pendleton in an effort to eliminate sexual assault from within our ranks.

Every battalion/squadron-sized Marine unit has at least two Uniformed Victim Advocates (UVA) assigned to help lessen the stress of a sexual assault. Unit UVAs have been trained and are able to offer victims assistance in three main areas: support, providing information about the different reporting options afforded them, and referrals to a multitude of different resources – both on base and in the local civilian community. Although UVAs are not counselors, they do help victims navigate the system and can put the victims in touch with licensed, certified counselors and professionally trained victim advocates.

Assault is a crime, and it will take the efforts of every Marine, sailor and leader to purge it from the Marine Corps. To make a confidential report of a sexual assault call:

24 hour Camp Pendleton reporting line: (760) 500-1707

DoD SafeHelpLine: (877) 995-5247

MCCS Camp Pendleton