2017 Tribute to Heroes

Our 2017 Tribute to Heroes is MCCS’s way of saying THANK YOU to our Marines, Sailors, and Family Members aboard Camp Pendleton. Played at the 2017 Ken Grody Ford 4th of July Beach Bash we salute each and everyone of you!

2017 Tribute to Heroes Photo Submission

Join the fun and be a part of the Annual 4th of July Beach Bash video honoring our Marines and Sailors aboard Camp Pendleton. We like to call it our “Tribute to Heroes” video!

Upload your photos below of Deployments, Welcome Home(s), Training and/or anything else involving you, your job and your family/friends aboard Camp Pendleton. Your picture or pictures could be selected and shown in the video at the 2017 4th of July Beach Bash at Del Mar Beach Resort, Camp Pendleton.

Email Us Your Tribute To Heroes Photos

Please make sure your photos are at least 1280 x 720 px. example photo

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