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All-Marine Fifteen-A-Side Ruby Team Training Camp, Aug 18 - Sep 12, 2014
Location TBD  |  Players are to eventually compete in the Commonwealth Navies Rugby Championship in Auckland, New Zealand from Sep 18 - Oct 5, 2014. Interested players must submit an application through the Camp Pendleton Athletics Director, Clint Miller.  More Info

The Camp Pendleton Athletics Department offers a diverse varsity sports program providing athletes the opportunity to compete at a higher level. Teams are comprised of the best players on base and can compete against varsity teams from other bases, colleges, law enforcement agencies, or any other approved tournaments or competitions. Individuals may request to attend a tryout camp (if offered) or submit a resume outlining their experience and accomplishments in the subject sport if a tryout camp is not available. Camp Pendleton currently has varsity teams for the following sports:

  • Men’s/Women's Basketball
  • Men's Soccer
  • Men's Softball
  • Shooting Team

If you're interested in coaching or starting a Varsity Team please contact the Athletics Department
(760) 763-1636/0453