Due to the global concerns regarding the Coronavirus and the potential health implications in conjunction with large gatherings and the need for social distancing, the Learn to Swim program, Youth Swim Club, Private Swim Lessons, and MSAT have been postponed until further guidance is received from health officials. We apologize for any inconveniences this has created for our families and the disappointment for children, but the health and safety of all patrons is our top priority.

For the most up to date information on facility closures / program changes and updates, visit

Contact / Hours:
13 Area Pool
BLDG 1315 | (760) 725-4344

Mon/Thu 10am-6pm
Tue/Wed/Fri 6am-2pm

Active Duty Only

Tue/Wed/Fri 6am-7:30am
Mon–Fri 11am-12:30pm

Your safety is our top priority. Please review our current policies:

  • Limit to 20 patrons within the pool
  • 2 patrons per lane
  • Patrons will be required to rest on opposite sides of the pool
  • All patrons will be required to take a hot shower and use soap per NAVMED P-5010.4 guidance
  • No Sunbathing
  • No Unit Pt

Open to active duty & authorized patrons only – no guests. Workouts limited to 1 hour. Sunbathing, locker usage, and Unit PT are not allowed.


Workshops / Classes

For Summer Swim Lesson information and other aquatic programming please visit: Camp Pendleton Aquatics.

Additional Info

Swim ClubsOpportunitiesMarine Swim Advancement Training (MSAT)

2021 – 100 Mile Swim Club

Receive a FREE finisher T-shirt (1 per year) with completion of 100 miles at 13 Area Pool during the 2021 calendar year! Log miles/laps with a staff member at the check-in window. This program is ongoing throughout the 2021 calendar year and open to authorized patrons. Ask a staff member today for more details.
NEW! Finishers of their 3rd Year will get a finisher towel.
For 2020 Participants: In order to participate in 2021 please re-register. All mileage from 2020 will not count toward 2021.

Pendleton Youth Swim Club

Sep–May, Mon & Thu: 4:15pm-5:15pm
Call (760) 725-4344 to schedule a tryout.
Qualifications: Participants ages 7 and up should have basic knowledge of each stroke and have ability to swim 100m freestyle continuously with rhythmic breathing in under 2 min. 45 sec

For information on Lifeguard and Swim Instructor opportunities, please call (760) 725-4344.
Interested in Improving your Aquatic Skills?
Learn Water Survival: Basic, intermediate, and advanced skills to strengthen your aquatic training in preparation for swim qualifications.
Classes are designed to help teach active duty personnel better swimming mechanics in general as well as the swim qualification.

The Benefits of Marine Swim Advanced Training:

  • Increased aquatics skills for successful completion of the Marine Corps Water Survival
  • Training Program (MCWSTP)
  • Improved water confidence
  • Overall water safety and swimming proficiency
Who provides the training?
MCCS Aquatics Coaches specifically trained in the program components.
Do I have to take the entire class?
Yes, but through discussion with the instructor, accommodations can be made on a case by case basis.
Will equipment be provided?
We are currently exploring avenues to fund equipment and will hopefully be able to provide the proper equipment in the future. Blouse and trousers will, however, be required.
Will the class schedule be flexible?
Yes, we will try to be as accommodating as possible. Classes are 1-hour long (estimated).
Can I take a MSAT to prepare for any aquatic school?
Yes, if you find the class helpful for your specific training, MSAT is designed to increase aquatic stamina.
If I am in the Navy can I take MSAT?
Yes, MSAT is available for all active duty, but is designed for Marine Corps Swim Qualifications.
Can I take the MSAT if I am not going for swim qualification?
Yes, classes are designed to help teach active duty personnel better swimming mechanics in general as well as the swim qualification.
Can I do bottom samples and underwater crossovers with this training?
No, that is specific training where a Marine Corps Instructor of Water Survival (MCIWS) is required to be present.
How do I schedule a class?
Call the 13 Area Pool to schedule (760) 725-4344.


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Youth Swim ClubClasses

Authorized Patron (per month) Sponsored Guest (per month)
$30 $35

Class Authorized Patron(per month) Sponsored Guest (per month)
Summer Learn to Swim
Eight 30-minute group classes
$55 $65
Summer Semi-Private
Four 40-minute classes
$105 $115
Summer Private
Four 30-minute individual classes
$85 $95
Off-Season Private
One 30-minute individual class
$20 $25

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