The Camp Pendleton Athletics Department team helps provide active duty Marines with their favorite competitive sports and activities.

Contact / Hours:

Mainside (Semper Fit HQ)

Bldg 1253

General Information

(760) 763-1636

Basketball Coordinator

(760) 725-6195

Softball Coordinator

(760) 763-0453

Soccer Coordinator

(760) 725-6195

Tackle & Flag Football Coord.

(760) 725-6806

Additional Info

Additonal Information:

Commanding General’s Cup

The Annual Commanding General’s Cup activities offer free competitive events throughout the year to help Marines raise money for their respective units.

Awards presentations follow the completion of the events and earn points for units.

Top three units in each division will win a cash prize at the end of the year.

Due to the ongoing global concerns regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic and the potential health implications in conjunction with large gatherings and the continual need for social distancing, the 2020 Commanding General’s Cup Series has been cancelled for the remainder of the calendar year.
Using the CG’s Cup standings from the time period of January through February of 2020, the below monetary awards will be given:

  • DIV 1- 1st Pl (9th COMM BN)- $750, 2nd Pl (H&S BN, MCB)- $625, 3rd Pl (1st MAR DIV)- $500
  • DIV 2- 1st Pl (1st LAR BN)- $625, 2nd Pl (1st TSB)- $500, 3rd Pl (WFT BN)- $375
  • DIV 3- 1st Pl (CNATT)- $500, 2nd Pl (1ST RADIO BN)- $375, 3rd Pl (MCTSSA)- $250

Monetary breakdown is based on event execution of 1/4 of the Commanding General’s Cup Calendar year. Money will be dispersed into the respected Unit and Family Readiness Funds within the next few days. The Commanding General’s Cup perpetual trophy and individual unit trophies will not be awarded due to safety concerns and due to the series not being completed in its entirety. We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Commanding General’s Cup Series. For more information please email bolanosef@usmc-mccs.org. Thank you for your support of the 2020 Commanding General’s Cup and for your understanding.


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