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Fitness / HITT Centers are open to serve you!

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 5am-8pm (Closed for cleaning: 10am-11am & 3pm-4pm)
Sat-Sun: 8am-3pm (No closures for cleanings on weekends)

Facilities will be active duty only Mon–Fri from 5am-7:30am and 11am-1pm.
All authorized patrons will be able to access the facilities during non-active duty times.

Face coverings required
Workouts limited to 1 hour

Your safety is our top priority. Please review our current policies:

Outdoor HITT Centers & indoor weight rooms ONLY
Practice social distancing: 6ft distance per NAVMED guidance
Please sanitize or wash hands prior to entering
No courts or sports
No locker room use, showers, or saunas
No spotting, max lifting, partner, group or circuit training

Open Fitness / HITT Centers:

Paige Field House
14 Fitness CenterClosed Weekends
21 Fitness Center
22 Fitness Center
MCAS Fitness Center5am-8am, 11am-1pm: Active duty only. 9am-11am, 1pm-8pm: All authorized patrons. Closed for cleaning: 8am-9am, 3pm-4pm. Closed Weekends.
O’Neill Fitness CenterMon–Fri: 5am-1pm. 5am-7:30am: Active duty only. 11am-1pm: All authorized patrons. No closures for cleaning.
31 Fitness CenterMon–Fri: 5am-8pm; Closed for cleaning: 8am-9am, 1:30pm-2:30pm. Sat/Sun: 8am-2pm. Open to active duty in 31 Area only.
33 Fitness Center
41 Fitness CenterOpen to 41 Area personnel and their family members.
43 Fitness Center
52 Fitness CenterClosed Weekends
53 Fitness Center
62 Fitness CenterClosed for cleaning: 9am-10am; 2pm-3pm.

Closed Fitness / HITT Centers:

O’Neill Fitness CenterRe-opening Tue, Sep 8th. Mon–Fri: 5am-1pm. 5am-7:30am: Active duty only. 11am-1pm: All authorized patrons. No closures for cleaning.

For the most up to date information on facility closures / program changes and updates

The Camp Pendleton Fitness Department is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles to authorized patrons aboard the base. The professionally trained staff provides a wide variety of programs and services. The Semper Fit Paige Field House is one of the largest in the Marine Corps. There are 13 fitness centers on base, each offering it’s own program and targeting specific needs.

View Fitness Center Locations on Google Maps
Please check with your local facility for holiday hours.

Paige Field House (Mainside)

Bldg 1110

Mon–Fri 4am – 10pm
Sat/Sun 6am – 10pm

(760) 725-6394

14 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 14013

Mon–Thu 5am – 8pm
Fri 5am – 7pm
Sat/Sun Closed

Massage Therapy Available
Closed Thu 7:45am – 9:45am
(760) 725-5941

21 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 210750

Mon–Fri 4am – 10pm
Sat/Sun 7am – 9pm

Weight & Cardio Room is open to Active Duty only from 11am – 1pm, Mon–Thu 
(760) 725-2951

To help accommodate patron needs the 22 area fitness center will be accessible after hours.

Registration is required to access the facility

22 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 22160

Mon–Fri 5am – 9pm
Sat/Sun 9am – 5pm

Massage Therapy Available
(760) 725-3163

MCAS Fitness Center

Bldg 2369

Mon–Fri 5:30am – 9:30pm
Sat/Sun Closed

(760) 763-1353

31 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 31A30

Mon–Fri 4am – 8pm
Sat/Sun 8am – 2pm

(760) 725-2678

33 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 330362

Mon–Fri 5am – 9pm
Sat/Sun 8am – 4pm

(760) 725-8737

41 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 4159

Mon–Fri 5am – 9pm
Sat/Sun 10am – 3pm

(760) 725-2033

43 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 430320

Mon–Thu 5am – 9:30pm
Fri 5am – 8pm
Sat/Sun 9am – 5pm

(760) 725-3468

52 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 520415

Mon–Fri 5am – 9pm
Sat/Sun 8am – 12pm

(760) 725-7262

53 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 530301

Mon–Fri 5am – 10pm
Sat/Sun 8am – 8pm

(760) 725-7404

62 Area Fitness Center

Bldg 620411

Mon–Fri 5:30am – 10pm
Sat/Sun 9am – 4pm

(760) 725-7421

O’Neill Fitness Center

Bldg H-94

Mon–Thu 5am – 8pm
Fri 5am – 7pm
Sat/Sun 10am – 2pm

Massage Therapy Available
(760) 725-1366

Semper Fit HQMC Training Course focusing on the High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) Program. This course includes hands-on training for TRX suspension training, Olympic lifting, kettlebells, dynamic movements and more. This is a five-day course from 0800-1600 each day. A HITT Certificate is given to all participants upon completing the course.

HITT Downloads

HITT Methodology
HITT Performance Assessment Procedures
HITT Exercise Library

HITT Workouts

Warrior HITT
Athlete HITT
Combat HITT
Reload HITT
Company HITT

Group Exercise Class Pricing

  • Active Duty: Free
  • DoD/Retirees/Family Member: $3/Class
  • Guests: $5/Class (Must be accompanied by an authorized patron)
  • Monthly Pass: $25/Month (Unlimited classes at any Fitness Center)

If you have any questions please call Fitness Programs at (760) 763-4070/0657.


Massage Therapy

Methods include: Swedish, Passive Joint, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Shiatsu. Hot Stone available for an additional fee. Available at 14, 22, MCAS and O’Neill Fitness Centers, and the 21 Area SMP Recreation Center. Flier: Massage Therapy Flier Info: (760) 725-6288.

FFI Symposium:

Looking for training information on combat conditioning and readiness?

There are several programs and resources to assist active duty personnel, and/or their unit to physically prepare for these requirements at Camp Pendleton, including unit specialized combat training classes.

For more Info visit

The site has interactive tools and information necessary to assist with combat readiness requirements.

Combat Training Resources

MCO 6100.13 (1.8mb)
MCO 6110.3 (1.9mb)
MARADMIN 0503/09 (45k)
CFT Supply Kit (49k)

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