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Paige Field House
BLDG 1110
(760) 763-3793
53 Area Fitness Center
BLDG 530301
(760) 763-0419

Semper Fit Human Performance employs subject matter experts to provide resources that support force readiness, resiliency, and optimized performance to active duty Marines, Sailors, and their families.

The Human Performance team are degreed professionals who provide various assessments like resting metabolic rate, VO2 Max, and body fat. Classes offered include performance nutrition and weight management, injury prevention, tobacco cessation, sleep hygiene, sexual health and responsibility, and chronic disease prevention.

  • Performance Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Injury Prevention
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Sleep Hygiene

  • Sexual Health and Responsibility
  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Unit Briefs
  • Special Events and Family Days

  • Body fat
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Measurements
  • VO2 Max Assessment

Additional Info

Additonal Information:
ProgramsHuman Performance Policies

The following services are available to all authorized patrons free-of-charge:

  • Resting Metabolic Rate Testing (Metabolism testing)
  • VO2 Max Testing (Fitness Assessment)
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Tobacco Cessation Counseling
  • Nutrition 101
  • Nutrition and Fitness for BCP
  • Body Fat Testing
  • Cholesterol Screenings
  • Blood Pressure Assessments

Marine Corps Order P1700.29 identifies required elements of health in which every Marine is required to receive annual training:

In addition, Marines are required to get two hours of annual training in the following:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Injury prevention
  • Disease Prevention

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