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MCCS Facility / Program / Event Status

MCX / Marine Marts

Starting Sun, Apr 5, MCX Camp Pendleton Exchanges, Marine Marts and Fuel Stations will operate on newly posted hours until further notice. All Fuel Pumps are OPEN 24/7 with Credit or Debit cards only.

Click on the facility below to see adjusted hours:

For the Health & Safety of all Patrons and Associates, we have reduced our occupancy to 10 customers at a time per MCX Marine Mart. We apologize for any inconvenience.

This does not include the Pacific Views MCX, San Onofre MCX, or Mainside Marine Mart.

Pacific Views MCXOpen
Pacific PlazaOpen
San OnofreOpen
Mainside Fuel Station / Marine MartOpen
Mainside CenterOpen
DeLuz Marine MartOpen
Naval Hospital Marine MartOpen
Air Station Marine MartOpen
Pacific Plaza Fuel Station / Marine MartOpen
Chappo Flats Marine MartOpen
Pico Marine MartOpen
Las Flores Marine MartOpen
Las Pulgas Fuel Station / Marine MartOpen
Las Pulgas Marine MartOpen
SOI Marine MartOpen
Wire Mountain Marine MartOpen
Edson Range Marine MartOpen
Horno Marine MartOpen
The VineyardOpen
Beverages Etc. Open

Stuart Mesa MCX – Closed Under Renovation

The MCX is offering extended shopping hours for select Patrons. The early shopping initiative for EFMP Members, Expectant Mothers and Senior Shoppers will implement beginning Mar 31, and continue weekly until noted. The early shopping initiative for Active Duty members will implement beginning Apr 6, and will continue weekly until noted.

Every Mon/Wed/Fri 7am-8am
MCX Exchange Pacific Views and San Onofre
Early shopping privileges for Active Duty / Uniformed Personnel will be allowed to shop prior to the regular hours of operation.

Every Tue 7am-8am
MCX Exchange Pacific Views and San Onofre
Early shopping privileges for our EFMP Members and Expectant Mothers will be allowed to shop prior to the regular hours of operation.

Every Thu 7am-8am
MCX Exchange Pacific Views and San Onofre
Early shopping privileges for our Senior Shoppers (62+) will be allowed to shop prior to the regular hours of operation.


Del Mar Beach CottagesOpen No longer accepting reservations
San Onofre Beach CottagesOpen No longer accepting reservations
Pacific Views LodgeOpen
Ward LodgeOpen
Lake O’ Neill CampgroundsOpen
San Onofre CampgroundsOpen
Del Mar CampgroundsOpen


Barber ShopsOpen (Active Duty personnel only)
ITT / Latitudes TravelOn Call Please Call (760) 763-2375 for cancellation and refunds.
Stables – Closed (Boarders, Ferrier Services, Veterinarian, and Hay Delivery still have access)
Movie Theater – Closed
Leatherneck Lanes – Closed
Pacific Views Event Center – Closed
Marina – Closed
Rec Checkout – Closed
Auto Skills – Closed
Marine Memorial Golf Course – Closed
Rec Shooting – Closed
The Paintball Park – Closed

Vehicle StorageOpen
Onyx SalonOpen
SD TrophyOpen
Sports CaveOpen
Enterprise – Open (Office closing Apr 7, service will be available via phone and online transactions)

Watch / Jewelry RepairOpen
Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm

Mon-Sat: 8am–4pm (Stores may remain open past 4pm, business permitting)
Sun: 10am–4pm (51 Area Closed Sundays)

Finest City Registration (DMV Services)Open
Mon-Fri: 9am – 3pm

SD TrophyOpen
Mon-Fri: 10am – 1pm

On-base financial institutions: Pacific Plaza and Mainside Branches are Open, SOI branch is Closed.

Del Mar Beach Services – Closed
Oil Exchange Mainside – Closed
Pendleton Dental – Closed
Vision Center – Closed
H&R Block – Closed
iDevice – Closed
You Break It We Fix It (Cell Phone Repair) – Closed
Red, White, and Bloom Flowers – Closed
Gamestop – Closed

Semper Fit

Paige Field House – Closed
14 Area Fitness Center – Closed
21 Area Fitness Center – Closed
22 Area Fitness Center – Closed
MCAS Fitness Center – Closed
31 Area Fitness Center – Closed
33 Area Fitness Center – Closed
41 Area Fitness Center – Closed
43 Area Fitness Center – Closed
52 Area Fitness Center – Closed
53 Area Fitness Center – Closed
62 Area Fitness Center – Closed
O’Neill Fitness Center – Closed

Single Marine Program Rec Centers – Closed

13 Area Pool – Closed<b

Del Mar Beach – Closed
Del Mar Beach Parking Lot – Closed

San Onofre Beach – Closed
San Onofre Beach Parking Lot – Closed

Apr 1: CG CUP Soccer Skills Challenge – Canceled
Apr 8: CG CUP Handball Tournament – Canceled
Apr 15: CG CUP Basketball Skills – Canceled
Apr 22: CG CUP Home Run Derby – Canceled
Apr 25: HCRS Heartbreak Ridge – Canceled
Apr 29: CG CUP Gut Check Challenge – Canceled
May 5: CG CUP Soccer League – Canceled
May 5: CG CUP Golf Tournament – Canceled
May 13: CG CUP Grappling Tournament  – Canceled
Jun 6: Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Mud Run – Canceled
Jun 6: CG Cup Mud Run Team Challenge – Canceled
Youth Sports Spring Season: Canceled
Outdoor Adventures Program: Canceled
Varsity Sports: Canceled
Group X Classes: Canceled
HITT Workouts and unit PT: Canceled
HITT Level 1 & 2 courses: Canceled
FFI Symposiums: Postponed
Nutrition and Fitness for BCP: Canceled
Nutrition 101 classes: Canceled
Massage Therapy Services: Canceled
Specialty Classes: Dance, Karate, Taekwondo – Canceled
Aquatics: Junior Guard Prep class: Canceled
Aquatics: Youth Swim: Canceled
Aquatics: Private Lessons: Canceled

Child Development Centers

MCCS Child and Youth Programs in keeping with our mission to support our Service Members who need full—time childcare, and in an effort to ensure the health and safety of our staff and your children, we are making the following changes. Effective Mon, Mar 30, we appreciate your patience during these service updates.

Child Care and Youth Programs Update

Child Care FAQ’s Update

Child Development Center
Browne: (760) 725-8405 / Mon-Fri 6am-6pm
Courteau: (760) 725-5113 / Mon-Fri 6am-6pm
Deluz: (760) 725-9907 / Mon-Fri 6am-6pm
San Onofre: (760) 725-7311 / Mon-Fri 6am-6pm
Stuart Mesa: (760) 725-9954 / Mon-Fri 6am-6pm

School Age Care
Abby Reinke: (760) 763-0653 / Mon-Fri 6am-6pm
San Luis Rey: (760) 763-6907 / Mon-Fri 6am-6pm

Food Options

Domino’s (13, 20, 52)  Takeout / Contactless Delivery / Mobile App Orders
Aloha Acai Bowl  Open / Takeout
Courtyard Rotations  Open / Mobile Takeout
Devil Dogs BBQ  Open / Mobile Takeout
Food Dood  Open / Mobile Takeout
Il Caccia Café  Open / Mobile Takeout
LJ Hawaiian Shaved Ice  Open / Mobile Takeout
Mrs. Frostie  Open / Mobile Takeout
R&B Catering  Open / Mobile Takeout
Smokey Jakes BBQ  Open / Mobile Takeout
Dang Bros. Pizza  Open / Mobile Takeout
Hibachi-San (20 Area)  Open / Takeout (Apr 20-23: Closed for maintenance)
McDonald’s (20, 22, 43 Area)  Open / Takeout / Drive-thru in 20 & 22 Areas
Sonic Drive In (51 Area)  Open / Takeout / Drive-thru / Carhop
Porter’s (52 Area)  Open / Mobile Takeout
Ramone’s (14, 53, 61 Area)Open / Takeout
Subway (15, 21, 41, 53, 62 Area)  Open / Takeout / Takeout & Drive-thru 21 Area (53 Area under construction)
Yogurtland (20 Area)  Open / Takeout
Dunkin Donuts (20 Area)  Open / Takeout 20 Area / Mobile Unit Takeout 22 Area
Panera (20 Area)  Open / Takeout 
Panda Express (15, 20 Area)  Open / Takeout
Wendy’s (11 Area)  Open / Takeout
Moe’s Southwest Grill (15 Area)  Open / Takeout

Starbucks Pacific Views Event CenterOpen
Mon-Fri 7am-1pm
Sat/Sun 8am-2pm

B.C. Shot Box – Closed
Ramone’s Cantina (21 Area) – Closed
Shake Smart (11 Area)Closed

Marine & Family Programs

(If In-Person Services are suspended, please refer to phone number)

Sexual Assault Prevention & ResponseOn Call – Please call (760) 500-1707
Transition Readiness Program – Virtual – Please call (760) 829-0519
Transition Readiness Seminar – Virtual – Please call (760) 829-0519

Behavioral Health Program – On Call – Please call (760) 725-8354
Mon-Fri: 7:30am-4:30pm

Personal & Professional Development – Open
Mon-Fri 7:30am-4:30pm

Please call (760) 725-4256 or email (for all three locations)
Mainside LibraryClosed / Camp Pendleton Online Library Open
Pacific Views Library – Closed / Camp Pendleton Online Library Open
Sea Side Square LibraryClosed / Camp Pendleton Online Library Open

Base Education Facilities SOI / Mainside – On Call – Please call (760) 725-6660 or email
Community Counseling Mainside – Telehealth – Please call (760) 763-3222
Community Counseling North – Telehealth – Please call (760) 763-6940
Exceptional Family Member Program – On Call – Please call (760) 725-5363
Family Advocacy Mainside – Telehealth – Please call (760) 725-9051
Family Advocacy North – Telehealth – Please call (760) 763-6940
Family Child Care Office – On Call – Please call (760) 725-6731
Family Child Care Homes – Regular Hours – Please call (760) 725-6732
Family Member Employment Assistance Program – On Call – Please call (442) 288-5843 or email
Family Readiness Branch – On Call – Please call (760) 725-9052
Information and Referral – On Call – Please call (760) 725-5704
Information and Referral – Separating, Retiring or PCS Orders
Information and Referral – NEW to Camp Pendleton
New Parent Support Program – Telehealth – Please call (760) 725-3884
Personal Financial Development – On Call – Please call (760) 829-0175
Personal Financial Management – On Call – Please call (760) 829-0175
Resource And Referral – On Call – Please call (760) 725-1867
Substance Abuse Counseling – Telehealth – Please call (760) 725-5538

Youth & Teen Centers – Closed

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