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Hours of Operation:
Wed-Sun: 9am-5:30pm

Hours of Operation (starting Nov 2nd):
Wed-Sun: 8am-4:30pm

Face coverings required.
No launching of privately owned craft at the Marina docks.

Your safety is our top priority. Please review our current policies:
  • Sailing Lessons: Please call office for any new dates that have been added.
  • Reservations required for rental equipment/sailboats, rental times will be designated for each patron.
  • Open for Sailing Classes – reduced class size to 8 students maximum per session. Reservations required.
  • Credit card and debit card payments only.
  • Active renters only, spectators not authorized to wait at the facility.

For the most up to date information on facility closures / program changes and updates

Del Mar Marina is located on Camp Pendleton in beautiful San Diego. We offer a variety of services including: Sailing Classes, Boat Rentals, Clinics, Off Shore Cruises and both Wet and Dry Slips to store your boat.

Services include:

Sailing and Power Boat Rentals
Kayak, Stand-Up, and Pedal Boat Rentals
Adult and Youth Sailing Classes
Paddle Excursions
Slips and Dry Storage (for privately owned boats)
Special Events

Many new adventures await you through our sailing courses and cruises along the coast.

The Del Mar Marina offers unique programs and a great environment to learn to sail in. We offer many levels of group sailing classes throughout the year from January – November. Our skilled instructors are all US Sailing certified with years of experience that will teach, and guide you into becoming a skilled sailor in a short time.

You start out in our Learn to Sail Class, and then move into our Basic Keelboat /Cruising class. The class will have you sailing in the ocean on your own in a short time. Learn to Sail is taught in a safe, fun and easy environment in our boat basin. We are located only 10 min. from the ocean which makes it a perfect location to learn how to day sail and coastal cruise in the Pacific Ocean.

Our Seamanship class gives you the opportunity to improve and build up your confidence needed for coastal cruising. Our Navigation class is for those that want to dig deep into charting on charts, (The lost art of navigation). With the completion of our Seamanship class, a practical cruise and your experience on the water. This can open up the coastline for you to explore on your own in a sailboat from our rental fleet.

Other clinics throughout the year are offered to you so you can continue to grow in your knowledge and skill level in the sport of sailing: Spinnaker, Engine Maintenance, and Bareboat Chartering.

After completion of each class you will be able to rent the different boats that you were trained on, and after completion of the Keelboat/Cruising class it is only a matter of time on the water, and a practical check out to move up to the next size boats.

Most programs require taking 2-3 levels of instruction to achieve the different US Sailing certification; we offer only one class for each of the different US Sailing Certifications.

Get started today on a great new adventure!

Rental Equipment (Hourly/Day Rates)

  • Stand Up Paddle Board $15 / $40
  • Kayak, Single $10 / $40
  • Kayak, Double $15 / $60
  • Kayak, Pedal $15 (hourly)
  • Pedal Boat (Seats 4) $15 (hourly)

Boat Rentals (Hourly/Day Rates)

  • 12.5’ Expo $15 / $30
  • 16.5’ Capri $20 / $45
  • 22’ Catalina $25 / $100
  • 25’ Catalina $30 / $120
  • 27’ Catalina $35 / $140
  • 30’ Newport $40 / $160
  • 13' Boston Whaler $25 / $100
  • 18’ Duffy Electric $40

Sailboat Rentals

Weekend & Holiday / Weekday
  • 16.5' Capri $45 / $30
  • 22' Catalina $75 / $60
  • 25' Catalina $90 / $75
  • 27' Catalina $105 / $90
  • 30' Newport $120 / $105

Del Mar Marina

Bldg 21550 – View Map

Nov 9 – Mar 12

Wed–Sun 8am–4:30pm
Mon/Tue Closed

Mar 15 – Nov 8

Wed–Sun 9am–5:30pm
Mon/Tue Closed

Open on Federal Holidays May–Sep
(760) 725-SAIL (7245)
Contact Via Email

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