All classes are limited to 12 people or less.
Card only. No cash accepted.

For the most up to date information on facility closures / program changes and updates, visit


Contact / Hours:

BLDG 21540T | (760) 725-SAIL

Mar 11 – Nov 1

Wed-Sun 9am-5:30pm
Mon-Tue Closed

Open on Federal Holidays May – Sep

Nov 10 – Mar 16

Wed-Sun 9am-5:30pm
Mon-Tue Closed

Your safety is our top priority. Please review our current policies:

• All classes are limited to 12 people or less.
• Sailing Lessons: Please call the office for any new dates that have been added.
• Harbor Toys – 2-hour maximum.
• Ocean sailboats – All-day rate only.
• Open for Sailing Classes – reduced class size to 8 students maximum per session. Reservations required.
• Credit card and debit card payments only.
• Active renters only, spectators not authorized to wait at the facility.
The Del Mar Marina, located on Camp Pendleton in beautiful San Diego County, offers a variety of services including sailing courses, boat rentals, clinics, offshore cruises, slips, and dry storage.

Services include:

  • Sailing and Power Boat Rentals
  • Kayak, Stand-Up, and Pedal Boat Rentals
  • Adult and Youth Sailing Courses
  • Charters

  • Paddle Excursions
  • Slips and Dry Storage (for privately owned boats)
  • Special Events

Workshops / Classes

Paddle ExcursionLessons & Course OverviewAdult CoursesYouth ClassesRegattasPrivate Charter
A paddling adventure from Del Mar Marina through Oceanside Harbor hosted the first Saturday of every month. A guide will lead from the docks of Del Mar Marina to Oceanside Harbor checking out the sights and local sea life along the way. So fun to do with a group! Dockside instruction provided on how to use the equipment.

All ages are welcome. Equipment and safety vest will be provided.

Single Kayak/Stand Ups – $30
Single Pedal Kayak – $40
Double/Family Kayak – $45

Wed-Sun: 9am-5:30pm

Reservation required.
(760) 725-7245

Many new adventures await patrons through sailing courses and cruises along the coast with unique programs and a great environment to learn to sail. Many levels of group sailing courses are offered throughout the year from January – November. Skilled instructors are US Sailing Certified with years of experience to teach and guide course participants into becoming skilled sailors in a short time.

Start with the Learn to Sail Course then move into the Keelboat/Cruising Course, which will have participants sailing in the ocean on their own in a short time. Learn to Sail is taught in a safe, fun and easy environment in the boat basin. Located only 10 min. from the ocean makes it a perfect location to learn how to day sail and coastal cruise in the Pacific Ocean.

The Seamanship Course offers the opportunity to improve and build up the confidence needed for coastal cruising. The Navigation Course is for those who want to dig deep into charting on charts (the lost art of navigation). With the completion of the Seamanship Course, a practical cruise, and experience on the water, this can open up the coastline for sailors to explore on their own in a sailboat from the rental fleet.

Clinics throughout the year are offered to grow knowledge and skill level in the sport of sailing: Spinnaker, Engine Maintenance, and Bareboat Chartering.

After completion of each course, participants will be able to rent the different boats they trained on, and after completion of the Keelboat/Cruising Course, it is only a matter of time on the water, and a practical check out to move up to the next size boats.

Most programs require taking 2-3 levels of instruction to achieve the different US Sailing Certification; One class is offered for each of the different US Sailing Certifications.

Get started today on a great new adventure!

Marina Sailboat in harborLearn to Sail Course

Prerequisite: None | 3-day

This course is perfect for anyone who has never sailed or has little experience sailing. Choose from a weekday, weekend, or holiday course. Held in a safe, fun and easy environment, the course includes boat safety, rigging, how sails work, points of sail, knots, sail trim, basic nomenclature, rules of the road, and other sailing skills. Participants will be out on the water the first day! Courses are taught on a Capri 16.5 sailboat with a mainsail and jib, along with the “Learn Sailing Right” book. Free practice sailing is offered before the last day. This is a great place to start and build up your confidence!

Note: We will be covering capsizing; however, it is not a requirement for completion of course or boat rentals (the boats used in the course do not capsize). It is a requirement for the US SAILING small boat certification.

These boats do require some physical movements, moving from one side to the other while sailing. If you have bad knees or back problems, please discuss prior to signing up.


3-day Course:  8-hours/day, Sat-Sun and the following Sun.
Course Fee: $275 includes book


3-day Course:  8-hours/day, Sat-Mon. Complete the course in only 3 days straight. A fast paced course that covers everything the weekend course covers.
Course Fee: $275 includes book


Basic Keelboat cruising through the open water

Keelboat/Cruising Course

Prerequisite: Completed Learn to Sail Course or have challenged our program prior to the course starting. | 3-day (2) weekends.

After learning the basics of sailing, a new adventure awaits in the ocean. It’s time to move up and experience sailing off the Southern California coast where dolphins, sea lions and whales play. 

This course is for those who have completed the Learn to Sail Course and covers skills to day sail in the ocean and coastal cruise. Instruction includes sail trim, anchoring, VHF radio operations, reefing, outboard motors, docking, crew overboard, weather, basic charting, how to fly a spinnaker, and other sailing skills. Participants will head out to sea on the first day of class! 

3-day Course: 8 hours each day, Sat-Sun & Sat, with a great mix of instruction and practical sailing. Taught on a Catalina 22 Sailboat and included books are US SAILING Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising. At course completion, participants receive a US Sailing Keelboat Certification, logbook, and year-long membership with US Sailing. Participants are qualified to rent these boats for day sailing along the coast, and go on the fleet cruise to Dana Point!

Course Fee: $375 Includes books



Seamanship Course

Seamanship Sailing ClassPrerequisite: Completed Keelboat/Cruising Course and sailed a minimum of 16 hours of Skipper on the Ocean. | Weekend Course

This course is designed for those who want to fine-tune skills and become a more seasoned sailor. In just one weekend, get more instruction on skills to help you become a better coastal cruiser. This course will cover: GPS, Mooring, Sail Trim, Anchoring, Docking, COB, Reefing and more. You will get practical experience on our Catalina 27’s (don’t need to be qualified on the 27’s). Chart 18740 is required and navigation tools suggested if you are going to also take the Navigation course.

Navigation Course

Prerequisite: None | 2-day weekend.

This course hones navigational skills on the water or prepares participants for a destination cruise. This weekend course will cover charting, basic navigation, set and drift, as well as other applications that will help. There will be no sailing skills required for this course; it will be taught in a classroom environment. Navigation tools and Chart #18740 can be purchased through the Marina (tools need to be ordered in advance of course start date).
Weekend Course:  Advance prep work required, please sign up no later than a week prior to start.  

Del Mar Marina and Sailing Center

Discover Sailing and Kayaking

Welcome to the Youth Discover Sailing and Kayaking Course. We will be sailing our new Expos 12.5 and kayaking on sit on top kayaks. 

Items to bring:

Shoes: tennis shoes work great as long as they do not have a black sole. No open toed shoes are allowed and shoes are required at all times.
(Reef walkers or old tennis shoes for kayaking Thu) 

Swimsuit: needed on Wed and Thu 

Clothes: change of clothes, towel, sweatshirt or light jacket

Hat, Sunscreen 30+, Water Bottle and Sunglasses (crockies to keep them), 

LUNCH: soda & snack machine available, bring a lunch and snacks. Refrigerator and microwave access, water cooler for filling up water bottles. 

Be on time: There is a lot of information to cover so it’s important to be on time and be ready to learn.

Course Description

Tue – Fri 9am – 4:30pm |  Ages 10-17, 4-Day

Perfect for youth who want to experience sailing for the first time or have some experience already. A chance to learn how to skipper a boat and harness the wind. Courses are held in a safe, fun and easy environment in protected waters. Taught skills: boat safety, rigging, how the sails work, points of sail, knots, sail trim, basic nomenclature, capsizing and other sailing skills. One morning session will be learning on sit on top kayaks. Participants will be out on the water the first day! 

This is a 4-day course with a great mix of class instruction and practical sailing on the water. Classes are taught on an Expo 12.5 sailboat with a mainsail. This is a great program to build up confidence, team building skills and learning to take responsibility for their sailboat on and off water! They will learn the same skills as our adults in the Learn to Sail course. (See above – Learn to Sail class description for course details.)

Instructor: Certified US Sailing instructor with almost 10 years of teaching within our program, Masters Captains license, and Skippers commercial boats 100+ tons. Assists with Sea Cadets throughout the year. 

Course Fee: $200 Reservations required 


Small Boat Sailing Regattas

Three Regattas are hosted during the year, one in the Spring, Fall and Winter. Open to any sailors (ages 10-up) that are qualified to rent our Capri 16.5 or Expo 12.5. If you have never raced, no problem, helpful hints will be provided and lessons will be learned each race. It’s a fun day on the water competing in as many races as possible. Bring a sack lunch and beverages and enjoy a day on the water. A crew member will be needed to race a Capri. 16.5 in order to work the jib and old enough to work the jib sheets. Expo’s can be sailed single handed, which is a great way to improve sailing skills, sail trim and have fun doing it. Awards provided at the end of the races.

$30 Expo
$45 Capri
Check our Calendar for dates. Also look on schedule for Race Clinic.

Duffy boat with a group of peopleHarbor And Sailboat Charters. Skipper Provided.
Get out on the water for an enjoyable and relaxing day with a boat and skipper. Enjoy a harbor cruise to Oceanside and around the harbors on an 18’ Duffy Electric Boat. Sit back and sightsee and experience the local sea life in the quiet with your family and friends. Sailing charters are also offered along California’s beautiful Charter boat sailing in the oceancoastline. Experience the tranquility of the water, dolphin exploring, and maybe even whale watching. Located just 10 minutes from the ocean and can accommodate eight passengers on the Duffy and six passengers total on sailboats. Please call in advance for availability and reservations.

Fees: $85 per hour and 2 hour minimum on Sailboats

Additional Info

Marina RulesWet-Dry Storage InfoHarbor Toys


• Renters must be a qualified patron and in possession of a current DOD ID
• All boats must be signed out by an adult 18 years or older (that is an authorized patron)
• Operators of power vessels shall be at least 18 years of age
• Must wear Personal Flotation Devices on all vessels at ALL TIMES. Children 12 years
and younger and non-swimmers must wear PFD’s on the docks. (Exception on the Duffy:
Only those under the age of 13 and don’t know how to swim are required to wear a PFD)
• No children under the weight of 15 lbs allowed on any MCCS VESSELS.
• Skippers must be licensed, fill out manifest, and are fully responsible for vessel and crew.
• Skipper must ensure compliance with all State and Federal Regulations.
• Report all accidents or injuries to Marina Staff.
• Alcohol and Boats don’t mix, intoxication is prohibited on any MCCS boat.
• No rental boats out of harbor in Heavy Weather or Small Craft Advisories.
• Capsized or Disabled boat – STAY WITH THE BOAT.
• No picking up additional passengers not listed on the manifest.
• No Sailing into slips unless motor problems. (Please call marina for assistance)
• Skipper is responsible for leaving the vessel clean inside and out after use.
• No black soled shoes or high heels, wear proper boating shoes.
• No PETS on rental boats or equipment.
• Military vessels have Right of Way in Basin and Channel.
• No beaching of boats. (Exception is kayaks w/o pedals).
• Porta Potties must be cleaned thoroughly after use. Skipper is responsible.
• Fishing is allowed on all boats, (exception is Duffy, Capri’s & Expo)

Paddle Boards (SUP) 1 Person Basin and Harbor only
Kayaks 1-2 Persons Basin and Harbor only
Pedal Boats 1-4 Persons Basin only
12.5 Expo 1-2 Persons Bain and Harbor only
16.5′ Capri 1-4 Persons Basin and Harbor only
13.5′ Power Boat 1-4 Persons (max 650lbs) Basin and Harbor only
18’ Duffy 1-9 Persons (max 1500lbs) Basin and Harbor only
22′ Catalina 2-5 Persons See staff for boundary limits
25′-27′ Catalina 2-6 Persons See staff for boundary limits
30′ Newport 2-6 Persons See staff for boundary limits

** No Single handed sailing of 22′ and above**
(Crew member must be at least 16 years old)
Skipper’s card remains the property of MCCS and may be revoked for careless or negligent use
of equipment, failure to properly unrig and clean boat, violation or disregard of safe boating practices and failure to obey all rules and regulations. IF IN DOUBT – ASK!! Children under the weight of 15 lbs are not permitted on any MCCS watercraft. All Boats must be signed out by an adult 18 years or older Sailboats 22’ and above are the only vessels allowed in Open Ocean (Pedal Boats are restricted to the Del Mar Basin Only) All other vessels are restricted to the Harbors

Paddle Boards (SUP)
Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by, and under the direct supervision
of an individual at least 18 years old. All boards are restricted to the harbors.
Beaching of the boards is prohibited (due to fins)

Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by, and under the direct supervision
of an individual at least 18 years old. All kayaks are restricted to the harbors.
(Beaching of the Hobie (pedal) kayak is prohibited due to under water fins)

Pedal Boats
Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by, and under the direct supervision
of an individual at least 18 years old. All Pedal boats are restricted to the Boat Basin

Sailboats Qualifications
All sailboat skippers must have a Certification Card from Camp Pendleton and must be
qualified in the boat they are renting.

Sailing Card Other Facility
Holders of sailing qualifications from other sailing facilities will be recognized on
comparable boats if proof can be provided of their sailing experience (log books). A full
practical (check sail) will also be required.

No Sailing Card
You may challenge the sailing qualifications, by taking a written exam and passing a
full practical check sail.
Appointment for check sails may be necessary and there is a fee for practical check sails.

Expos and Capri 16.5
Skippers must have a Camp Pendleton certification card, anyone under the age of 18
must be under the direct supervision of an individual at least 18 years old. Expos and
Capri 16.5 are restricted to the harbors. Sailors age 16 and up may rent Capri.16.5
(10-17 year old skippers are limited to the Boat Basin only)
(Capri 16.5 when racing are required to have a crew member)

** No Single handed sailing of 22′ and above**
(Crew member must be at least 16 years old)

22′ Sailing Vessels
Skippers must be age 18 or above. You must have a Camp Pendleton certification card.
There is a maximum of 5 persons on board the 22’s.

25′ and 27′ Sailing Vessels
Skippers must be age 18 or above. There is a maximum of 6 persons on board.
*A minimum of 24 hours of actual sail time must be logged by the skipper on 22′ boats
in order to initiate procedures for the rental of a 25’ vessel.
*A minimum of 24 hours of actual sail time must be logged by the skipper on 25′ boats
in order to initiate procedures for the rental of a 27′.

30′ Vessels
Skipper must be age 18 or above. There is a maximum of 6 persons on board
*A minimum of 35 hours of actual sail time must be logged by the skipper on 27′ boats
in order to initiate procedures for 30′ rentals.
*Actual sail time aboard Del Mar Marina vessels or verified logged ocean time from other
military facilities.

Overnight Bareboat Chartering
Skipper must be fully certified for the size vessel to be rented.
Skipper must successfully complete all parts of the Marina’s Advanced Sailing class or
challenge the course by completing a written exam and passing a full practical exam.
Skippers must have logged at least one entrance to the destination harbor with a Marina
sponsored cruise. (You need to have been there before)
Skippers are fully responsible for all damages and repairs.

Power Qualifications
Must be a holder of a card stating they are certified in a power boat. If you don’t have one you can challenge by passing a written exam.

Boston Whalers:
• Skipper must be 18 years old or above.
• Skipper is fully responsible for strict adherence of all navigation rules.
• Skipper is responsible for clean-up of the vessel
• Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
• Maximum of 4 persons or a collective weight of 650lbs is allowed.
• Skipper is responsible for all Fishing Licenses from Base and State agencies.
• No water skiing, tow toys, and beaching is not allowed.

• Skipper must be 18 years old or above.
• Skipper must pass a practical check out prior to renting the vessel
• Skipper is responsible for clean-up of the vessel
• Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
• There will be no beaching of the vessel
• No Fishing or swimming from this vessel
• There is a maximum of 9 people with a collective weight of 1500 lbs allowed on this
• Life jackets must be worn by all non-swimmers and children under the age of 13.

In accepting outside commercial assistance, renters can incur large personal liens.
Vessel Assist, Sea Tow, etc., charge YOU for towing and YOU are responsible for those
costs. If you need assistance call the Marina staff on VHF 68 or we can be reached at
(760) 725-2820.

Boat Return Time
All vessels must be tied up at our docks at 17:00 hrs Daylight Savings time (Mar-Nov.)
16:00 hrs Standard Time (Nov-Feb.)

Late Return Charge – $25 for every 15 minutes past the required return time.
(Example: 1-15 min late is $25, 16-30min late is $50 etc.)

The above policies are intended to provide you with a safe and pleasurable experience at Del Mar Marina. Please do not hesitate to contact the Manager or Staff with any questions or comments you may have. Our phone is (760) 725-2820.

The Marina has 52 wet slips that can be rented monthly that range from 26’-45’. Also a couple long end ties and a 3’ overhang on a few slips. A waiting list is maintained for different size slips; however Active Duty has precedence. The slips can be rented monthly and come with water and 30-amp electrical power. Amenities: restrooms, showers, laundry, ice and vending machines. Charged by the foot from tip to tip, so if you have raised outboards, swim steps, and anchors sticking out, they count in the measurement of the vessel. Dock boxes are also available for rental.

18-spaces dry storage for smaller vessels on trailers. Length limits so the max. trailer and boat length are 25’.

Rack spaces for kayaks and small dinghies for monthly rental. Fees can be found under price list tab.

The Del Mar Marina offers a variety of rentals at competitive prices. Get on the water and explore the harbor beyond the basin!

Single Kayak
Single Kayak

  • Capacity: 260 lbs.
  • Able to be fitted for fishing with rod holders.

Double Kayak
Double Kayak

  • Capacity: 550-600lbs.

Pedal Kayak
Pedal Kayak

  • Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Recommended for fishing.
  • We are the only rental facility in the country to offer this.


  • Canoe, kayak hybrid
  • Single, double available
  • Capacity: 450-525 lbs.

Stand-Up Paddle Boards
Stand Up Paddle Boards

  • 10′-12.5′ fiberglass boards available.
  • Capacity: 200-280lbs.
  • Hourly or full-day (within hours of operation and 30-min before closing) rentals.
  • One person per board.
  • Can only beach on sand (no rocks) to prevent damage.

Pedal Boats
Pedal Boats

  • Seats 4
  • Limited to boat basin only.

Power Boats
13.5 Boston Whaler
Power Boat: Boston Whaler

  • Fitted for fishing.
  • Seats 4.

18′ Duffy Electric
Power Boat: 18' Duffy

  • Limited to harbors only.
  • Seats 8.

  • Proper certification required.
  • Proof required at time of rental. (Rental card or proof of boating course accepted)
  • If you are familiar with operating a power boat but do not hold a certification, you can review our online study guide (link to it) and take a 30-question exam.
  • You can also visit: and get a Boater’s California License.
  • No alcohol permitted on vessels.

Fishing Poles
Tackle boxes
Bait buckets

  • Fishing off rented vessels is permitted, except on our 18′ Duffy
  • Life jackets and other safety equipment included. Life jackets must be worn at all times while equipment is in use.
  • Dry bags and back rests available upon request.
  • Vessels must remain within harbors, open ocean is off limits.
  • All equipment must be launched from the marina and can not be transported via personal vehicle.



Sailboats & Kayak Rentals


Hourly Rate

Day Rate

Certification Required

SUP’s $20 $60 None
Single Kayak $15 $60 None
Double Kayak $20 $80 None
S-Hobie Pedal Kayak $15 $60 None
Pedal Boat $20 ——— None
Expo 12 $20 $40 “A” Mate Beginner
Capri 16.5 $25 $50 “A” Mate Beginner
Catalina 22 $30 $120 “B” Skipper Intermediate
By appointment only
Catalina 250/25 $35 $140 “B” Skipper Intermediate
By appointment only
Catalina 27 $40 $160 “B” Skipper Intermediate
By appointment only
Newport 30 $45 $180 Check with office.
By appointment only

Power Boat Rentals

13.5′ Boston Whaler $30 $120 Powerboat Check-Out
18′ Duffy Electric** $45 ——— Powerboat Check-Out
* Fishing licenses are required if fishing **No fishing on Duffy
One-hour minimum rental charge on all boats. Boats returning later than posted time charged $25 per 15 minutes past posted return time
(example : 1-15 min $25 / 16-30min $50)

Other Fees

Fishing Pole $5
Tackle Box $5
GPS $5 a day
Spinnaker $10 a day
Aboard overnight $30 per night
Skippered Charter $85 per hour (2 hour min. sailboat) 1-6 people By appointment only
Private Lessons $50 per hour (2 hour minimum) By appointment only
Clean Dirty Boat $25

Cruising and Equipment Fees

Slip Fees

Overnight Cruising Fee $20 per day Transient Slip $20 per night
Inflatable $35 per cruise Slip Fees $11.75 per foot
Inflatable w/ Motor $50 per cruise Mooring Fees $250 per month
BBQ / 1 Burn Stove $5 each Dry Storage $50 per month
Towing / Labor Fees $50 hr. (1 hr minimum) Dinghy Rack $15 per month
Proficiency Check outs 12′-18′ boat $15 22′-27′ boat $40 30′ boat $60

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