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Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton has implemented policies that focus on access control procedures to ensure the protection of its residents.
The “P&PD Events” category exists to allow approved and vetted organizations, employers, schools and non-federal entities aboard base to participate in P&PD events, when registered and confirmed. Information must be received a minimum of 7 days prior to your visit for each person accessing the Base.  

1. Fill out the form below at least 7 days prior to your visit. You will be subject to a background check!
2. You will be notified ONLY if there are issues with your information.
3. You are required to resubmit your form every 14 days. The first day starts on the submission date.
4. At the Camp Pendleton gate tell the guard you are going to an MCCS P&PD Event show your drivers’ license.
5. Thank you and have fun!

The points of contact for P&PD Events Base Access are:

Leatherneck Lanes -Transition Readiness Facility–Bldg 1339- (760) 725-4199
Pacific View Event Center –Bldg 202850- (760) 725-2231
Marine & Family Programs HQ- Bldg 13150- (760) 763-1797/725-6652
Transition Readiness Facility- Bldg 1101- (760) 763-1797/725-6652
Transition Readiness Facility- Bldg 51919 – (760) 763-1797/725-6652
Joint Education Center- Bldg 1331/1106 – (760) 725-6660/6414
Joint Education Center (SOI)- Bldg 520512 – (760) 725-0606
San Luis Rey Event Center – Bldg 1795 – (760) 763-9188


Business Hours: 0730-1700 Monday-Friday

P&PD Vetted Organizations Terms and Conditions for Installation Access to Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton:

I acknowledge that I am requesting access to Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton (MCB CAMPEN) for the sole purpose of attending a Personal & Professional Development (P&PD) sponsored event. I also acknowledge that my visit will not include business other than my participation in the P&PD Event and that my visit is limited to the MCCS activities listed on this request. I am not permitted to use other facilities and I will exit the installation when the activity for which I am enrolled is concluded.

I understand that persons desiring access to the installation are subject to all security and installation access requirements.  I also understand that if granted access to MCB CAMPEN for the purpose of MCCS P&PD Event attendance, access will be granted for 90 days from the date of submission.

I understand that this access is for the sole purpose of MCCS P&PD Event attendance and cannot be transferred to another person, nor used for any other reason aboard MCB CAMPEN. I am not permitted to sponsor others and each patron must register separately.

Fill out my online form.
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