Per the Marine Corps guidelines we are not authorized to host events larger than 50 patrons due to COVID.


Contact / Hours:

Del Mar Beach & Marina
BLDG 2101841 | (760) 575-9702

Daily 8am-7pm

Del Mar Beach Services

Daily 9am-5pm

Your safety is our top priority. Please review our current policies:

  • Water activities are permitted
  • Practice social distancing
  • Individual/Unit exercise permitted with social distancing in effect
  • Face coverings required when social distancing is not practical
  • No pop-up tents, group games, or gatherings of six or more people

For the most up to date information on facility closures / program changes and updates, visit

Located on the south end of Camp Pendleton, Del Mar Beach offers something for every beach goer.
Our Beach Services offer beach equipment rentals, refreshments. Rent shaded cabanas, palapas and umbrellas. Ramones Mexican food also available.

Other Services

La Casa Del Mar
Looking to host an important event? Enjoy extraordinary hospitality and catering services against a picturesque ocean backdrop at one of Southern California’s most exclusive beaches!

Del Mar Beach and Marina Cottages
Book a staycation or visiting us from out of town? Visit our lodging page offering beach cottages and RV campgrounds.

Please review the beach safety guidelines. before heading out to enjoy the sand & surf.


Workshops / Classes

Junior LifeguardsSurf Camps & Lessons


This program consists of two (2) one-week programs. Mon–Thu: 9am-2pm. April dates TBD.
Ages 7-15. The first day of camp will be held at the 13 Area Pool with all following days held at Del Mar Beach, Camp Pendleton.

Cost $100 (Authorized Patrons) | $110 (Guests)


This program is 5 weeks in length. Mon-Thu: 9am-2pm. June dates TBD.

Junior lifeguard students and teacher

Provides a positive environment for teaching youth ocean safety skills, basic first-aid skills, respect for the coastal environment, and discipline while promoting physical fitness, self-esteem, and team building. Ages 7-15. Program runs during the summer at Del Mar Beach, Camp Pendleton.

All candidates must try out for the program. Tryout dates – TBD (9am to 12pm) at the 13 Area Pool. All candidates will do a timed swim, tread water and brick retrieval.

Cost $360 (Authorized Patrons) | $395 (Guests)

Tryout Requirements
Swim 100 meters under the time standard for your age:
9-10 y/o: 2:30
11-12 y/o: 2:15
13-15 y/o: 2:00
In addition to the swim, applicants must tread water for 5 minutes and swim 10 meters under water. Ages 7-8 must swim 50 meters under 3 minutes, tread water for 3 minutes, and pick up an object in shallow water.

Please register online.
Call (760) 725-2703 or (760) 725-4344 for more information.

Surf Camp student surfing This program consist of 10 one-week programs. Mon–Fri: 9am-1pm. Camps will be held from Jun-Aug. Ages 7–15.

Please register online.
Call (760) 725-2703 or (760) 725-4344 for more information.

Additional Info


ShadeRecreational Equipment

Apr-Oct 8am-7pm
Active Duty Unit Functions Only
Book in Advance
6' Umbrellas


Cabana rentals can be made up to 2 weeks in advance

Contact Beach Services: (760) 575-9702

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