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Whether you are a service member preparing to deploy, a recreational vehicle owner, or need to store a privately owned vehicle, there are several entities across Camp Pendleton that offer vehicle storage services. Please review the information to select the best service fit for your needs.

Contact / Hours:

Recreation Checkout

BLDG 17013

Daily 8am-4pm
Holidays Closed

(760) 725-5296

Additional Info

Four things you need to provide:

  1. Your military ID
  2. RV, boat, or trailer registration with your name as the owner
  3. Credit Card to put on file; auto-debit billing is a requirement for storage
  4. The RV, boat, trailer, etc. that you are storing; the equipment has to be measured to ensure it is being placed in the appropriate size space
  • Storage of joint ownership property is prohibited unless all joint owners are authorized patrons.
  • Your vehicle can only be stored or removed by you or someone that is your Power of Attorney.
  • Vehicle registration and insurance must remain active. The vehicle must remain legally operational within the state of California while in storage. The vehicle cannot be registered as non-operational.
  • We do not store unregistered or registered “project type” RVs, buses, racing, off-road; only cars, trucks, or motorcycles.
  • The vehicle must be maintained while in storage. Windows cannot be broken, tires cannot be flat, body-panels and engine hoods cannot be missing.
  • All vehicles are to be stored sitting on their tires – You are not allowed to put your vehicle on blocks.
  • Open cargo trailers cannot be stored with anything on top of them. Nothing can be stored on top or on the outside of enclosed cargo trailers, RVs, or boats.
  • Nothing can be left on the ground within the space. Items left on the ground will be picked up and treated as lost & found. If unclaimed, they will be discarded after 14 days.
  • We do not take responsibility for contacting patrons regarding lost & found items.
  • Only one item allowed per space.
  • We do not store semi-truck trailers.
  • Storage agreement paperwork will be initiated/completed only when the vehicle is stored. Due to peak storage times allow 30 mins. to store your vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is going to be covered, extra tie downs are necessary to make sure it stays on. We do not take responsibility for car covers.
  • Vehicle maintenance is not allowed in the storage lots.


Deployed Storage
Prices are subject to change.

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