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The Camp Pendleton Recycling Program promotes environmental stewardship to meet Federal and State waste diversion mandates.

Teamwork from all residents, tenants, units, and commands at Camp Pendleton is making an important contribution towards showing those in surrounding communities that Camp Pendleton cares about the environment.

Camp Pendleton recycles post-consumer materials to preserve our precious and limited natural resources.
Camp Pendleton recycles to support quality of life improvements in safety, health, energy conservation, and pollution abatement programs.
Camp Pendleton recycles to make a difference.

Did you know that money generated by the Camp Pendleton recycling program goes right back into our military community?

Here are just a few things that have been purchased…


Additional Info

Additonal Information:
The Camp Pendleton Recycling ProgramImportant Recycling Information
Recycling is a component of Camp Pendleton’s solid waste management program and its primary function is to reduce the volume of waste disposed into the base landfills and to meet federal, state, and local requirements.

Family Housing

  • All homes are provided recycling bins for curbside collection.
  • Aluminum & metal cans, plastic & glass bottles, jugs and jars can be commingled and placed into the same container.
  • Newspaper, chipboard, cereal boxes, paper, cardboard, and junk mail should be placed in the same container.
  • Excess recyclables should be placed into clear plastic bags and placed next to the recycling bins.
  • Trash should never be placed in recycling bins.
  • Plastic grocery bags should be returned to the commissary or local grocery store.
  • Call your housing office for pick up of bulky items, such as furniture, washers and dryers.
  • Dumping trash and bulky items is illegal.
  • Scavenging, theft of recyclables from residential curbside bins is illegal and reduces the money returned to the base for projects that benefits everyone.

BEQ Residents

  • Locate the recycling bins that were provided to your building.
  • If recycling bins are not available, contact the barracks officer and/or the S-4 officer.
  • Deposit all cardboard boxes (flatten) into the nearest white dumpster or roll-off, labeled “cardboard”.
  • Deposit newspapers and other types of paper, including “junk mail” in Blue containers labeled “paper only”.
  • Deposit all bottles and cans (plastic, metal, glass, aluminum) into containers labeled “bottles and cans”.
  • If containers are full, call 725-4892 for pickup.
  • E-Waste and Universal Waste must be delivered to the 13 Area or the 52 Area the Recycling Centers, during operating hours.
  • Drop sites for 24/7 recycling are located at each one of the Base Recycling Centers listed below.
    • 13 Area, building 13193 (across from the MCCS Auto Hobby Shop).
      • Monday-Thursday 0900-1400
    • 22 Area, building 22054, (1 ½ blocks from DRMO).
      • Monday-Friday 0730-1500
    • 52 Area, building 520189 (behind & below the Fire Station).
      • Monday-Thursday 0900-1400
  • Scavenging (theft of recyclables) hurts our entire community and reduces the amount money used for funding projects that support our Marines, Sailors, and families.

Area Commanders

  • Appoint a Recycling Coordinator to work with the Base Recycling Manager.
  • Send a representative to the quarterly recycling program meetings.
  • Select staging areas and/or collection points to expedite the handling of recyclables.
  • Identify recyclable waste streams and request containers to accommodate the materials.
  • Ensure that all paper turned in for recycling meets the Privacy Act requirement.
  • Coordinate a collection/pick up date from the designated staging areas with the Recycling Manager, 725-4982.

Unit Commanders and S-4 Officers

  • Send a representative to the quarterly recycling program meetings.
  • Identify recyclable waste streams and coordinate with the Recycling Manager regarding container needs.
  • Appoint personnel as points of contact for recyclable material collection.
  • Ensure that all paper turned in for recycling meets the Privacy Act requirement.
  • Ensure that all Marines and Sailors comply with Base Order 6280.5B.

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